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Comarsoft ERP Solutions

Our suite of software solutions, include the following; 

Administration System

Pensions Manager is a fully automated end to end solution for the administration of Pension Funds providing Trustees and Fund Administrators with the following capability in the data management, processing and reporting of a Fund. Pensions Manager is aimed at the medium to large pension Fund and is highly scalable and flexible to administer any type of Fund and benefit structure. Pensions Manager offers a unique and real time viewing and reporting facility using our internet based reporting application.

Accounting System

The Accounting System is an innovative financial management software; an accounting solution created specifically for pension Funds and designed to turn data into managemenmt intelligence with minimum time and effort.

So what makes the Accounting System different to other accounting systems? The Accounting System has been purposely designed to meet the stringent and unique demands placed upon by Trustees and administrators by the Pensions Regulator in the reporting and disclosure requirements and standards.

The Accounting System may be supplied as a stand-alone system with full general ledger, cashbook, bank reconciliation and RTGS payment functionalities. The system allows the full automation of data via interface with the administration system, Payroll System, banks, fund managers and custodians.    

Payroll System

This package interacts with the Pensions Administration Package to provide an automatic transfer of pensioners and pension beneficiaries into the payroll system. It supports a large number of users and pensioner categories on a single data base and offers a high degree of interaction with other software applications.

The Payroll System is easy to install and use, minimising the administrative overhead of managing and maintaining a payroll for pensioners. The system may operate as a stand – alone package, or can easily intergrate with Pensions Manager.

Property Management Systems

This product was developed for the Asset Management industry. Properties Management System is a fully automated end to end solution for the administration of properties, their rental units, their spaces and maintenance costs and also management of tenant details and their tenant leases with predefined and user driven rental costs allocation. It provides various reports which can easily be customised to meet your specific needs.

Investment Management Package


Group and Individual Life Assurance System

Life Assurance System is a fully automated end to end solution for the administration of Life Assurance providing Trustees and Administrators with full capability in the data management, updates, claims processing and various reporting requirements of Life Assurance, which can easily be customised to meet client specific needs.

Mortgage Systems

Mortgages Management System is a fully automated end to end and easy-to-use software solution for administering the application and repayment of mortgages.

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