Our History

Comarsoft was established under the name Comarton Information Technology Services Company (Private) Limited in 2007 by Comarton executives following a realization that, in general, the Pensions and associated Industries in Zimbabwe are fraught with poor administration service and quality as a result of inadequate Information Technology Systems that are failing to address the challenges of modern business dynamics in Zimbabwe. Most of the software applications in use had been imported from Europe and South Africa and were poorly customized to meet the specific client as well as local requirements.

Upon its establishment, the company engaged a team of full time I.T experts and pension administration professionals within Comarton who applied their in depth understanding of the legal and technical aspects of pension Fund administration in Zimbabwe to develop a comprehensive Pensions Administration system named “Pensions Manager”. The System has undergone a number of upgrades and integrations, as well as stress tests to deliver on every possible facet of Pension Fund management.

The company was later renamed Comarsoft Solutions (Private) Limited in 2014 as part of rebranding and realignment process, one which also motivated the draft of this business plan.

Since 2007 Comarsoft has fast expanded its business software products list in line with the objective of growing its business both vertically and horizontally. Today the company has managed to develop fully tested, flexible and scalable software solutions for the Pensions, Insurance, Assurance, Property Management and Asset Management industries; systems with proven capacity to synthesize and analyze data and to produce various informative management and exception reports which would be easily customized to suit the specific requirements of each particular client.